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In this Fast Take episode, I explore your mystical code and "Nothing is worth more than this day." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. - Tune in and enjoy!

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Today's guests on the Boomtank Business Show are truly sharp female entrepreneurs. This episode is the audio from their video interview. You can watch the fun "Rumble" video on (Episode 033).  

Nadine Crespo is a Leadership and Business Expert. She is scheduled to be featured in Forbes shortly as one of the hottest female entrepreneurs to watch. She is also releasing a book by the close of 2017 and will be hosting a premiere business and mastermind event in Chicago. She is a wife and mom of three from Chicago.

Hannah Dixon is a super Digital Nomad and Online Launch Strategist. She works with busy entrepreneurs to get their online launch strategy and technology sorted, to grow and scale their businesses. She is a Launch Architect and Project Manager for those big business pieces and has expert virtual teams to support your work. She lives in parts of the Pacific Rim and throughout Europe. She also trains Virtual Assistants worldwide with her Digital Nomad Kit Programs and is recognized globally, as a Digital Nomad leader.

We talk about their success and what it takes for you to have a successful online business. We also talk about changes in the online business space and much more. Their business advice and insights for you are outstanding and priceless.

Terrific interview. Tune in and enjoy! 


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Today's guest is Online Millionaire Business Starter Kimra Luna, a branding and business expert. From welfare mom to millionaire, hear how she did it. We also talk entrepreneurship, branding, pricing, course creation, failure, risk, perseverance, grit, spirituality and lots more. Listen to learn about Kimra's "Be True Brand You (BTBY)" business starter program and her new blog, "Sacred Momma".

Tune in and enjoy!

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In today’s Fast Take Episode, I explore "When You Rise..." and the time I met Maya Angelou. Each day is a chance to say, "Today I rise ... in every way." Be intentional when you wake. Be aware of the gift of your life and the gift of life for others. Each day, say out loud - "Today I rise."

Years ago, I participated in a small poetry workshop with poet and renowned writer, Professor Maya Angelou. It was only for a few hours, but it changed part of me forever. Hope it changes part of you too.

Tune in and enjoy!


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In this episode, I interview National Branding Expert and Online Business Superstar, Jenna Soard. She is a branding and design expert extraordinaire. Her consuming passion is helping entrepreneurs find their confidence through developing design, branding and course creation skills. She has worked for Nike and instructed as a Professor of Branding, Design and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oregon and Forbes School of Business. She routinely has six-figure launches of her cutting-edge programs and courses.

Jenna shares big business insights. She talks branding, course creation and getting your course offers tested and launched, the right way. She talks Gary Vaynerchuck - yes, Gary V. recently coached her. She shares highlights of their time together and what the future might hold for she and VaynerMedia, as a result of that time together.

Jenna is a thought leader and proven business expert, who does things differently - like Wild Wild West differently.

Tune in and enjoy this branding phenom! 

P.S. I'd really appreciate a review if you like the episode and show. If so, please leave your review here, in iTunes. Thank you! - Carolyn

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In this Boomtank Book Talk episode, I talk about two books: W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne 's Blue Ocean Strategy, How To Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant and Wallace Wattle's The Science of Getting Rich (which is really not a book so much about money as much as it is about living a full, meaningful, rich life).

The first book was first published in 2005 and has sold over 3.5 million copies. It is an Amazon Best Seller. The other was published in 1910 and is a business and personal development classic. Nearly one hundred years apart, the authors all stress the need to create something new in business versus competing with existing businesses, industries and trends to win in the future.

The dominant business model we see around us is "competition". If you are struggling with your business, why not embrace a Blue Ocean Strategy and create something new, that's not in existence today? -

Tune in an enjoy! 

P.S. I'd really appreciate a review if you like the episode and show. If so, please leave your review here, in iTunes. Thank you! - Carolyn 

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In this Boomtank Postcard No. 2 episode, I talk about naysayers and moving beyond them. You know what's inside of you and what you can truly do. Keep going, always! - Tune in and enjoy. 

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