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In this Boomtank Fast Take episode, we explore the power of your truth. What does "the power of your truth" mean? I am not talking about global truths or every day truths. The focus here is on you and your personal truth. The truth you have within you. The truth no one can touch, no one can change. The core of you, your very essence - and what this means, to you and your business. Tune in and enjoy!

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Today is a coaching episode on repurposing your business content for maximum exposure, to reach your ideal clients and customers. I explore taking one piece of content and distributing it in a variety of ways for maximum exposure on 10+ platforms/audiences. This is a true time-saver in terms of creating content for your different platforms. I recap terrific content creation and distribution advice from my podcast interview with Millionaire Business Coach Michele Scism in Epsiode 16 of this show - and add some pieces to it. If you have not listened to Episode 16 with her, go catch it - she is a business powerhouse! - Tune in and enjoy!

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What does this mean for you? It means, expanding you and your business. Living your BIGGEST self. Getting seen - getting your messages and business offers heard. Live your life backwards. Know now, how you really want "to have lived" your life - then get out there - go get it - go help others! -- Tune in and enjoy!

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In this episode, I interview Nancy Fulton. We talk writing/filming/distributing creative works, Hollywood style --- no kidding. She is the most prolific content training creator for over 25,000 creative entrepreneurs in Hollywood. She even writes projects with Judd Nelson. Her courses, programs and Meetups help take creations, from publication to sale. She sells her own training programs to writers, film makers, a host of other creative entrepreneurs, including musicians and entertainment "start-ups". She’s been delivering world-class training content for over 20 years. Since January of 2015, her Hollywood Entertainment Industry Meetup and other Meetups, have collectively grown from 2000 members to more than 25,000 plus members - and they're still growing.  In this episode, she talks content creation, marketing, ranking in Google search, crowdfunding, press releases, book self-publication, book promotion, books deals and more. She delivers BIG – just like Hollywood! Tune in and enjoy!



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What does exploring your next level mean? I'm not crazy about using the “f” word, which is “failure” – but let’s go with it. Is failure real or is it a pure correction - to change your direction. Oprah says failure is feedback. It points you on the correct path. How true. She says there is no such thing as failure and countless entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial authors say the same. We need to go a bit deeper. I am going to ask you a novel question.  Are things not working because you are playing too small? What if, the powers that be – for me you know it’s God – are not parting the seas for your business choices or actions the way you like.  Could it be because you are  choosing to remain small and invisible? What if, you will only receive the divine support you seek, once you start playing in the realm where you should be appearing? Something to ponder. Tune in and enjoy!

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In this episode, I interview Donna Brown. Donna is an Intuitive Business Consultant currently based in Milan, Italy. She has been a highly successful consultant for over 35 years. Donna helps entrepreneurs "draw in" immense prosperity. Her clients desire to serve as a channel, to bring their vision of a better, brighter, more beautiful world into reality through their business. Donna works with her clients to create multiple streams of income in deep alignment with who they truly are. She guides them to their purpose and purposeful business, using intuition, recognized soul archetypes, mindfulness and solid online/offline business principles. These deeply aligned businesses are what Donna calls Ascended Businesses - that is her specialty. Curious to learn more about creating your own Ascended Business? - Tune in and enjoy!

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In this Friday Fast Take episode, I talk about the power of your voice. The power of your voice is something you realize only when you use it. Introverted, extroverted or somewhere in between, we all must use our voice to promote our businesses, our causes and our particular brand of help. Actually practice speaking and/or writing more about what really matters to you, what you can teach, how you can help - and learn to be free of the good opinion of others (as Maslow said). Do not let the noise of others’ opinions “drown out your inner voice” and your outer voice. Speak, write – whatever it is you should be doing and do more of it daily. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the more confident you become. Get out there and have your messages heard! Remember, it’s your mission. Use your voice to live it. - Tune in and enjoy!


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In this episode I interview a renowned Business Coach, who has personally built several multi-million dollar businesses and sold a family business for $9M. She is a 2014 Steve Award Winner. The Stevie Award is a global premiere business award. She has also been named to Forbes Coaches Counsel and this summer, speaks at Harvard University. Listen as she explains what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the importance of visibility to convert and how to get known, her road to big speaking gigs, her quick road in-and-out of a corporate job, why blogging is still a big promo-tool (yes it is and Google will love you). She also talks about how to re-purpose blogging content and much more. -- She is an award winning author too. Check out the title of her last book: "Take the Risks or Get a Job". She has an accounting degree, so business numbers are her game. Tune in and enjoy this business "powerhouse"! -

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In this Fast Take Friday episode, I talk about the power of dreams - conscious dreams. The ones that fill you with hope and possibilities. All of our capabilities have a purpose and so does dreaming. The power to dream is yours, mine and others, for a reason. Every wonder what that reason is? Listen, as I explore the answer with you.

Tune in and enjoy!

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In this episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I interview Soness Stevens a leading, international TED Talk Coach living in Japan. Her Japanese clients have a 100% acceptance rate to TED and TEDx talks in Japan. Her global clients have a crazy high TED and TEDx talk acceptance rate of 85% for talks around the world.This interview is for those of you interested in public speaking and perhaps even, giving your own TED or TEDx talk. Ted speakers are chosen if they offer a unique perspective and/or fresh new idea to the world. Soness says Chris Anderson, largely viewed as the founder of TED Talks, believes “Everyone has an idea worth spreading.” What's yours?  In this interview, Soness takes you through the “5 Wise Why’s” to figure that out. This is highly valuable TED Talk coaching. We cover a lot of ground. Keep in mind, TED Talks are not here to build your brand and business. They are not a pitch. They exist solely to promote ideas. That said, an understandable byproduct of giving a TED Talk is the resulting launch effect it can have for you, your brand, your business and potentially your speaker career, if that’s a focus for you. - Tune in and enjoy! -





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In this episode, I salute Mega Business Coach Ali Brown and her “State of the Union” address, for online businesses. This episode is not an interview, but rather a salute to Ali  for two of her recent Glambition podcast show episodes. If you do business online, this is important and a must listen.

Things have changed in how business is done online and we all must respond to that change. Even Ali is charting a new direction. The old ways are not working, or at least not working as well as they once did. Ali has a warning call and a remedy for what she terms “the launch bubble”, which she predicted two years ago would happen and she was right. It is happening now in the online business space. She likens it to the “housing bubble” of recent memory.

Ali's first episode is titled, "Stop the Online Insanity!", Glambition Episode 105. The second is titled, "Bold Ways to Break Away From the Pack", Glambition Episode 109. I quickly summarize these episodes, with some additional thoughts of my own.

You can find links to Ali’s two episodes in the show notes for this Boomtank episode, on - Tune in and enjoy!


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In this episode of the Boomtank Business Show, I interview Dr. Sylvia LaFair.  She has  been voted one of the top 30 Leadership Gurus in 2017 – alongside Tony Robbins, John Maxwell and Darren Hardy of Success Magazine. She is a regular contributor for, author of several award winning books available on Amazon, has led teams at Microsoft in a consulting capacity and is a renowned speaker, which includes speaking at Google. She has appeared with Kathy Lee and Hoda on The Today Show. She is the Leading Authority in Pattern Aware Leadership and owns her own global Consulting and Coaching Company, Creative Energy Options This interview is about entrepreneurship, leadership, the changing role of women and so much more. She is an entrepreneur with lessons to share for those whose business is consulting and/or coaching to companies, or for those entrepreneurs contemplating going that route. She shares how she transitioned from a very successful entrepreneurial, private therapy practice in Philadelphia, to owning her own global consulting and coaching company (she has a Ph.D./Psy.D in Psychology). She believes solving challenging problems is what most business is about. She talks of landing her role as a regular contributing writer with and what she recommends you do, to get started "publicly speaking", to promote you and your business. -- Tune in to free your mind, unleash your spirit, build your life, create your business - it's your show!

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In this episode, I interview Instagram Marketing Expert Allie McAdam. Allie shares what businesses should be using Instagram as a marketing platform and how to best use it. Hear her explain the power of publishing business testimonials on Instagram, what to post generally, when to post, what hashtags to use and never use, how to find the 30 best hashtags to attract your ideal prospects and how to use Instagram Stories, to promote offers and services to your clients/customers - and more ... 
Tune in to free your mind, unleash your spirit, build your life, create your business - it's your show!

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